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Children need art. The freedom of expression and creativity required to produce a work of art stimulate many areas of a child's brain. But art is more than just practicing fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination. A child who produces art is adding beauty to the world, seen through his own eyes. Children who are encouraged to draw, paint, sculpt, construct, or even sew and knit from an early age will continue to bring imagination, creativity, and joy to themselves and others as they grow.


Prestigious Art Studio in Burlington, Art for life 4 kids offers childrens art classes while teaching a variety of creative and professional skills.

College and university or Art High school portfolio mentoring available for entrance into Sheridan Colleges animation program or fine Art degree programs in University 


Soo Yun -the creator and teacher of Art for life 4 kids- is a  classically trained Chinese and watercolour painter, also, Classical trained 2D animator known for her work on Tv and Feature films for Disney, Warner Brothers and also Japanese and Korean Tv and feature productions. The last feature she  worked on was "The Princess and the Frog"


GET CREATIVE!! GET INSPIRED !! This art experience is geared for children who love to be creative. Techniques will be demonstrated, examples shown, while their own creative ideas are encouraged. They're having fun enjoying the process of exploration and self expression.


   Painting class 


SCHOOL Art Curriculum YEAR 

SEPTEMBER - JUNE ( Age 6-18)


You can pay monthly.

All the materials and tax are included.                                 * One-hour class-$19

         * One hour and 20minute-$25


MONDAY  |  3:40-5pm,4-5pm, 5:30-6:50pm

TUESDAY   |  4-5pm, 5:30-6:50pm

WEDNESDAY  |  4-5pm, 5:30-6:50pm

THURSDAY  |  3:40-5pm,4-5pm, 5:30-6:50pm

FRIDAY  |  4-5pm, 5:30-6:50pm

Saturday I 10-11:20am,1-2:20pm

Sunday I 10-11:20am



Prepare Art University portfolios

A step by step guide to creating an art portfolio for college or university


  kids & camp



When you contact me, please give me your child’s/children’s full names as well as their ages, and let me know which week best suits your family.

July, August ( 6-14yrs)

July 5-9,12-16,19-23,26-30

August 9-13,16-20

1hour 30min class each day

10-11:30 am or 1-2:30 pm


Register now at

March Break art Camp



Drawing class


        SEPTEMBER - JUNE ( Age 8-18)


Art For Life 4 Kids is offering drawing for newcomers , intermediate to advanced artists Every week is a new subject from Disney, Warner bros or anime style drawing techniques. Portfolio mentoring for university and college entrance, Art Homework and school project mentoring available.

            MONDAY to Fridays at 4-5pm, 5:30-6:50pm

            Mondays, Thursdays at 3:40-5pm

            Saturday at10-11:20am,1-2:20pm

            Sunday at10-11:20am,1-2:20pm


You can pay monthly.

All the materials and tax are included.                                                   

(One hour class-$19, one hour and 20minute-$25)

Cartoon Character design 


Character Design                     Class

Saturdays @3-4:20pm

Age 13-18

we will be doing more advanced practices on character constructions and starting to go into more detail Anime and Disney style characters.

Adult workshop
Summer forest Painting 

Saturday@5-7pm,Nov 6th

Once again it will be done in watercolours, and painted on watercolour paper on stretched canvas.

This project is perfect for either beginners or the more experienced painters.

During the class, Darcy will first demonstrate her painting techniques needed to achieve the look of the painting.


The class will watch and learn, then paint their own summer forests!

It will be a great way to try out watercolours for the first time if you’ve never had the chance before.

Please let me know if you’re interested.

All art supplies and tax will be included  $45.

You can register in here by emailing me,

Darcy fall-3.PNG
Fall Forest watercolour-2.PNG


Art happens here! 

PD day, Sundays art classes
Family workshops!

Halloween Cat!

Oct 30th from 5-7pm ( Saturday)

Age 7-13

WHO is ready to get into the Halloween spirit?!

In an upcoming class, Art for Life 4 Kids is offering this spooky (but cute!) trick-or-treating cat project.

It will be painted with watercolours, and taught to the students in a step-by-step format, with a simplified version for the younger and beginner students.

Please contact me if you have a child or children that would be interested in taking this class with us.

All art supplies and tax will be included $43.

To find more info about the class email us at









Birthday parties

The basic party includes   


Each guest will be working on a canvas with acrylic paints (9x12 in) and take it home

You are welcome to bring food into the studio to feed the children

( including tax $260)



The party cost 10 guests (including the birthday person), 1 hour and 30min studio time and 30 min party time


Extra guests: $15 per kid


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